Practice Pay Solutions Review

Practice Pay Solutions Review



PPS, short form for Practice Pay Solution is not as big a shark as Dharma Merchant Services but their business practices surely makes them stand out in the industry. They have a perfectly defined niche market for themselves on which they concentrate completely. Initially you cannot tell what it is exactly but the testimonials and references posted on their website gives you more than an idea about their services.

The merchants of PPS mainly belong to the self helping and life coaching industry.  Their specialty is how they concentrate on their niche sometimes and take it along by smoothening its rough edges showing that they are well equipped with the running of this particular machine and know about it in and out.

If you ever get in touch with individual who have had dealings with PPS, they will assure you that this is indeed one of the good fish in the pond thanks to their efficient customer handling and product listing.

Product Pay Service hands down wins 4.5 stars out of 5.5.

Date Established:


Parent/Partner Company:
I couldn’t find any parent or partner company, so it looks like they operate solo. They do use as their payment gateway, fyi.

Registered MSP/ISO of Wells Fargo Bank.

Trust Symbols:
You can see the Practice Pay Solutions (PPS) BBB profile here. As of this review, it does not have a rating.


PPS as such does not offer any security on its website but if you are filling out or submitting any application, additional help is taken from a third party providing you security and protecting your privacy.

Customer Service:

PPS trains its customer services team very diligently, teaching and training them to be helpful and efficient. Their representatives are 24/7 present for you to answer your queries and provide solutions to your problems.

Contract Duration:
The contract length is 1-year if you plan on avoiding the early cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fee:
Fee of $159 if you cancel before 1-year.

Seasonal Downtime:

PPS does not believe in seasonal downtime – on their own. In other words for the time period you and your account will be inactive, you would have to inform them about it. In future, in order to get back on track you will have to pay a reactivation fee of $25 and you are good to go.

Negative Reviews:
I was able to find a complaint on RipOffReport and, which is pretty much the same negative review submitted to two different sites.

Common Complaints:
Since I only found one complaint, I can’t really give you any commonalities, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:

In order to be assured about their authenticity, they have provided testimonials and references online on their website; reviews which gives you an idea about their past activities and the responses of their customers. For your own convenience, you can even have them verified.

Hauppauge, New York.

Product Offering:

PPS offers ready made products online that you can issue immediately with the help on online accounts and shopping carts.

Practice Pay Solutions’ main focus is on eCommerce/Internet merchant accounts.

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