Heartland Payment Systems Review

Heartland Payment Systems Review



At last I got an opportunity to research about Heartland Payment Systems, a company I was thinking to review for so long. After coming to know that back in 2008 they had a data breach, I had a pessimistic opinion about the company that they are not good to deal with, so having that in mind I was sure that I would not  get lot in this review, but to my surprise I was mistaken a big time.

Let’s have a look at their business profile:

Heartland Payment Systems started in 1977 and is now not only the 5th biggest credit card processor in U.S. but also the 9th biggest in world ranking. Their headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey with their offices operating all around the globe.  And last year they dealt with 80 billion dollars!

I think this really speaks of their business skills and is enough to convince me about their outstanding services.

Now there other important things that should be addressed:

First I’ll give a brief summary of their 2008 data breach, though you can find number of articles on it on any search engine by just typing “Heartland data breach”. Back in 2008, Heartland Payment System was hacked by a man, Albert Gonzalez and then data from around 130 million debit and credit cards was robbed by him. Truly speaking, anybody can be a victim of such catastrophe. But the way Heartland dealt with it really amazed me. Lately they have introduced E3 Secure, about which I am certain that it brings them in the list of most secure processors in the current business.

  • To help you find the true cost of your merchant account, you can visit the site Heartland has created for this purpose. For more details, visit CostOfABurger.com
  • Their website Merchant Bill of Rights is developed for educated merchants that in my suggestion you should visit.
  • And yes, as a merchant to make an informed decision you can access all education information from the “Resources” section on their main site.

Coming to negative reviews and complaints department, I am so pleased that numbers of complaints are contrary to my expectations.

Heartland has everything I can expect from a provider like active Facebook page and Twitter pages, excellent testimonials and plus their offer of interchange-plus pricing and seasonal break.

Freshtxt, a new management system, have been lately launched by Heartland and since then, they are more focused to provide solutions for restaurant industry, of course, great news for restaurant owners. Freshtxt has a jam pack list of features like: wait list, guest alerting via text, analytics, reservation management, text message marketing, and lot more to mention.

The early termination charges of $295 is what I don’t like about Heartland which perhaps they may cancel out on request, but still we can consider  other  processors who don’t charge for termination like Flagship, CDGcommerce and Merchant Warehouse

Heartland Payment Systems gets a 5 out of 5 rating which is appropriate on the basis of the details provided above.

Date Established:

Princeton, New Jersey.

Domain Name(s):

  • www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com.
  • www.costofaburger.com.
  • www.merchantbillofrights.org.
  • www.heartlandpaymentsinsider.com.
  • www.freshtxt.com.
  • www.e3secure.com.

Parent/Partner Company:
Heartland Payments Systems is the parent company. They’ve either partnered with or acquired a few companies of their own.

  • Parcxmart Technologies (electronic payments).
  • Debitek (prepaid cards).
  • eSecure Peripherals (cashless vending).
  • General Meters Corporation (one-card systems).
  • transmodus (check processing).
  • Encore Capital (merchant loans).
  • Collective Point of Sale Solutions Ltd. (canadian merchant services provider).
  • Crane Merchandising Systems (cashless vending).
  • Alliance Data Systems Corporation (network services).
  • Chockstone, Inc. (gift & loyalty marketing).

Registered ISO/MSP.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
Key Bank National Association.

Payment Processor(s):
Heartland Payment Systems is the transaction processor.

Payment Gateway(s):
Heartland uses their own self-branded payment gateway.

Trust Symbols:
The Heartland Payment Systems BBB profile has an “A+” rating as of this review, with19 complaints in the last 36-months.

19 complaints are nothing as compared to the size and volume of business this company is dealing with!!


It’s truly amazing that even after checking on some of the consumer sites all I could find was merely three complaints on RipOffReport for an ISO/MSP as large as Heartland Payment Systems, despite the fact that they faced a data breach in 2008.

No doubt, they have done an exceptional job in maintaining their reputation…. Congratulations!

Common Complaints:

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
If you browse through the Heartland site, you’ll notice some merchant testimonials (with videos) on the upper-right side of the page. Good stuff!!


No on-site security features (i.e. McAfee, Security Metrics etc…) because the matter of security may vary with the type of information a merchant provider requires. If filling out a full digital application requires sensitive info like SSN numbers, then this, for sure calls for some third-party security in place.  Mostly, and in the case of Heartland, the application only requires you to provide some basic info; in that case the real application is taken care of by fax/pdf or later on through a secure online app.

Customer Service:
Have you worked with Heartland Payment Systems before? Feel free to leave us your user review.

Contract Duration:
Heartland generally has a contract length of 3-years, but I heard that that term is not set in stone. Feel free to negotiate. :)

Cancellation Fee:
$295, but you can probably negotiate your way out of this one as well.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Heartland does offer interchange-pass-through/ interchange-plus pricing. Great to know.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is also offered by Heartland. Be sure to ask for it.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit/Prepaid), Payroll, Check Management, Gift & Loyalty, Online/e-Commerce Payments, Micro Payments, Merchant Lending, POS Equipment.

Product/Service Specialty:


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  1. Don’t EVER use this company! They are frauds!
    Peter Galleta sold me the system telling me how bad my previous company was. What a liar. He told me I wouldn’t pay a fee for the machine, I would not pay monthly payment, I would pay Credit, Debit, the same price and nothing was true. They charged me whatever they wanted for monthly payments; for credit and debit they charged me for everything. I’ve been in business for 40 years and I’ve never been lied to so blatantly. I called the company at least 24 times and they refused to call me back or do anything about my payments. Ridiulous service. It costed me more than my previous company. Terrible service.

    • Had great experience with Heartland from day one, great service and they have done exactly what they said they would do! I don’t know why Ana’s had the problems and misunderstanding she had with HPS, everything was explained to me and worked as they said! Very transparent, maybe she just had a bad REP?

  2. Our business used Heartland as our credit card company for over three years until June of this year . We were contacted by another provider who offered us a substantial savings . I immediately called Heartland to verify that we were indeed out of contract and there would be no termination fees, I was told no . I called them back approximately 1 week later to cancel our services.Then two days ago our bank account was charged $85.00 for the month of July . We had cancelled our service in June and had paid for June . I called Heartland to find out what these charges were for and they said we never spoke with anyone to cancel or they had no record of us calling at all since 2014!!! We didn’t use their services since the first of June – no transactions but still we are charged $ 85.00 ??

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