Evo Merchant Services Review

Evo Merchant Services Review


EVO Merchant Services is a merchant service provider that is quite comparable with Charge.com but far more transparent about their services.

I am scoring EVO 3.5 out of 5 on the ground of the following two reasons:

  1. The high count of negative reviews and BBB complaints.
  2. No legitimate testimonials.

Following are the details

  1. I found a complaint reported against their profile on ROR by one of their disgruntled past employee who has stated about deceptive sales tactic that are being practiced by EVO to get the merchants sign the contract. They can even duplicate signatures onto a signed contract so you can imagine how far they would go to get the deal signed. And don’t just blame the reps because the brains behind these unethical practices also involve management. You can check out this complaint here complaint on ROR but if you ask me, I would advise to consider the words of past employees on a serious note in case you are interested to sign up with the company because there is no smoke without fire. So think before you make any final decision.
  2.  As far as the testimonials are concerned you people already know how much testimonials or references count in my rating process. They actually provide a mean to make verification of the company’s dealings and be satisfied before you sign up.

Another downside to EVO is cancellation fee of $250 that will be charged if you cancel before the date you agreed upon. There are so many other processors in this business who doesn’t charge any fee on an early termination like CDGcommerce, Dharma Merchant Services or Flagship. You can choose any of them plus you can go through my credit card processors comparison chart to select a better option that satisfies your requirements. Otherwise I can also help you cut off a better deal with the processor you are currently dealing with.

Date Established:

Headquartered in Long Island, New York.

Domain Name(s):

  • www.goevo.com.
  • www.theplatinumservicesgroup.com.
  • www.evoplatinumservices.com.
  • www.evotracmerchant.com.

Parent/Partner Company:
EVO is not a subsidiary of any other company. EVO tried to acquire Cynergy Data back in 2006, but the deal was broken before being finalized. Lately, Cynergy Data had an economic set back and declared bankruptcy so now EVO has no chance to crack that deal.

Now the company leases our terminals through Northern Leasing Systems Inc. that they have partnered up with.

Registered ISO/MSP.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
HSBC Bank.

Payment Processor(s):
EVO is a direct payment processor.

Payment Gateway(s):

Trust Symbols:
If you go through BBB you will find a long list referring to the places from where the company operates; each showing a different address. Especially, check out this listing that has been there for the longest time and it refers to their New York office. I also came to know that over last 3 years around 55 complaints were reported against their profile.

Negative Reviews:
Here are some complaints on RipOffReport, but I think the two most important ones are here and here. Both are seemingly written by former employees of EVO and EVO’s affiliate company Merchant Cooperative Inc.

Common Complaints:
Majority of the negative reviews and complaints that I have come across fall into the category of “deceptive sales practices”. No doubt EVO is a big organization having many independent agents and sales rep working under their roof, trying to increase its profit like others and with a bigger size you lose ability to control reps through adequate training and supervision and that’s what seem to happening with EVO.

But when you look at this report that I saw on RipOffReport it seems like EVO is well aware of these illegal practices and is also encouraging its reps/agents to stick by this trend.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
No legitimate testimonials listed on the EVO site.

The EVO site is HTTPS secured, but I’m not sure which company it’s through.

Customer Service:
I haven’t had any experience with EVO’s customer service, so if you have, please let us know. Don’t forget to read the user-reviews in the comments section at the bottom.

Contract Duration:
EVO has a three-year contract term.

Cancellation Fee:
The cost for early cancellation is $250.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
EVO does offer interchange-pass-through/interchange-plus pricing.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is not offered at this time.

Product/Service Offering:
Credit/Debit, EBT, Internet/e-Commerce, eCheck, Gift & Loyalty Card, Wireless/Portable, Terminal Leasing.

Product/Service Specialty:
None in particular.

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  1. Liars, cheaters and theives. Horrible company.

  2. Do not use EVO merchant services for your CC transactions if you have a business. I processed 2 Credit cards through them that WENT THROUGH mind you, but then a couple days latter they informed me by email that they would not deposit the funds in my account because it was over the accepted limit unless I provided 6 months worth of bank statements, business license, yada, yada, yada… Basically it was like I was trying to apply for a loan. Keep in mind I have been with them for over 10 yeas as an online merchant processor. I didn’t have time to mess with this so ask them to just reverse the charges and I ran the cards through my other gallery merchant account. They kept my clients funds for over 12 days. Nothing was deposited into my account.
    I have been doing my taxes and come to find out they charged me over $1200.00 in CC fees! Once for the charge and once for the charge back on funds I NEVER RECEIVED!! They tied up the funds for almost 2 weeks but still charged me the CC fees BOTH ways! Stay Away!

    People Reached

  3. Horrible company with horrible people that somehow sleep at night while making a living scamming people and trying to destroy small businesses. Avoid this company.

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