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WorldPay Review



Initially known as StreamLine then RBS WorldPay and finally as WorldPay, the payment processing company has gone global since its establishment in the year 1989. In the year 2001, they constructed headquarters in US cities such as Georgia and Atlanta. Giving its competitors such as First Data, Elavon and Cheese Paymentech a tough competition, WorldPay has acquired themselves a wide merchant database; a number going up to tens of thousands. Usually, such a huge clientele bracket invites the Equal amount of complaints but WorldPay have definitely shown how wrong an assumption that is. They receive an average amount of complaints, something expected from this size of company.

Unfortunately, the point where WorldPay fails to satisfy its merchants is the termination fee. If one breaks off form the promised period of time which is three years, then the fee is flat out $495. However, news is that they have even acted upon that and lowered the prices but one can never be careful enough. To make sure you don’t end up paying for more than you bargained for, ask for a waiver from your WorldPay representative.

WorldPay easily lands itself 4 stars on the rating chart.

Date Established:

Atlanta, Georgia.

Domain Name(s):


Parent/Partner Company:
WorldPay is owned by Advent International, Bain Capital and The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.


Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):

Payment Processor(s):

Payment Gateway(s):

Trust Symbols:
You can find the WorldPay BBB profile here. They have an “A+” rating with 192 complaints as of this update.

Negative Feedback

Considering the size of the company, the complaint box is not even half filled. That doesn’t mean that no negative reviews have come WorldPay’s way; it is just that they are far below your expectation. For your own satisfaction, you can search up WorldPay Reviews, WorldPay complains and WorldPay Scam. From there you can access any past complaints, reviews and feedbacks provided by the customers.

General Complains:

1)    Account Termination/ Funds withheld: Something that can take place with any company you wok with. Any suspicious activity can cause this hence to be on a safer side just make sure that you avoid any holds or charge backs. The company is dedicated towards upholding its good name hence terminates customers that may pose any threat to their reputation.

2)    Exorbitant termination fee: the customers are not satisfied with what WorldPay charges upon early termination. However with each passing year, they lower the price ($100 each year; $295 in the first year, $195 for the second year and $95 by the third year) but if you have the wish to avoid that, just get a contract signed by WorldPay allowing you to waive it off whenever the time comes to terminate your account.

3)    Credible References: Sadly, this is one area the company lacks in. They do not provide their customers with any reliable testimonials on their webpage. However, many just trust the name as it is a renowned company but for your own satisfaction you can always ask the representative to provide you wit references or simply ask somebody in the same industry.

4)    Online Security: Customers are wary of those companies that do not provide them with proper protection while filling out online applications. They are suspicious of malicious activity hence are hesitant about providing any sensitive information. However, WorldPay thankfully does not require of its customers to fill in such details at the early stage. It only asks for meager details like name or age. It is later in the processing stage that such information is asked for which is usually dealt with a secure online form or facsimile.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
There aren’t any testimonials on the WorldPay website that I could find, but when you’re dealing with a company like WorldPay, the name speaks for itself. Try to ask your sales rep for references. Specifically for businesses that operate in your same industry.

No on-site security features (i.e. McAfee, Security Metrics etc…).

24/7 provision of Customer Service:

Seems like that WorldPay highly values its customers and makes sure that it fulfils their needs and requirements. They provide their customers with twenty four hours online help line through which you can get in touch with any customer service representative and have your complaints registered. Apart from they also provide you with the option of live chat which you can easily avail during Business Hours.

Contract Duration:
3-years (auto-renewing for 1-year).

Cancellation Fee:
$295 if cancelled with first year, $195 if cancelled within second year and $95 if cancelled before completion of third year (Negotiable).

Note: The above mentioned cancellation policy is relatively new. In the past WorldPay would charge a flat $495 early termination fee (ETF). Regardless, there’s a simple solution to all this ETF business. Just ask them to waive the early termination fee when you sign up with them. Make sure that it’s on paper, and that you have a copy of it. That way you won’t have to pay anything to get out of your contract.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by WorldPay.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is also offered by WorldPay.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), Online/e-Commerce Payments, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Wireless, Mobile, Fraud and Risk Management, Merchant Cash Advance, Recurring Payments, Gift & Loyalty, Point-Of-Sale (POS), Check Processing.

Product/Service Specialty:
U.K. and European small and medium-sized businesses.

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  1. Thief, liars, looting the innocent are some of the first things that comes to my mind when i think about RBS-worldpay.
    they did not accept my credit card because they knew i could chargeback.
    they charged me $500 from my bank as application fees and then did not approve my application.
    when i wrote about the refund, they did not reply for 4-5 days.
    then i called them up and raised a ticket, then i received a mail asking for my bank details that they already had…
    then i sent a dozen mails in the next 2 weeks but no response… and then finally they replied that “worldpay has made the transfer to my account”.
    i haven’t recieved the funds yet, so i asked them for a proof of transfer and that was 10 days ago, the reply was “we are investigating the issue”.
    I am still waiting.
    I am amazed how easily these banks are committing fraud with customers and there is no one to monitor this or stop this.
    I am pissed off with the system.
    So here is a $500 tip – Boycott RBS-worldpay

  2. Stay well away from this company!

    There are three companies involved Streamline, Cardsave and Worldpay.

    I have been a customer for a few years with Streamline. July last year I noticed money coming out of my business account from Streamline. I knew this wasn’t right as the account hadn’t been used prior as we had addition to the family. I contacted Streamline and was told the company is now Worldpay. I was told these charges were a monthly subscription charge. I was never informed of this and I asked if I could cancel my membership / contract as of immediate effect. Worldpay said I could but it would cost me £180 for an early cancellation fee. I explained I never signed anything, how on earth could you justified this fee. Worldpay said there is another option we could reduce your monthly fee and you could cancel at the end of the contract. I said do I have another choice, Worldpay said no!. Now when I agreed to use Streamline I was under the impression there would be a small fee around 25 pence and a percentage of 3% per transaction. I never would have signed up for a monthly fee of around £25 per month. I just wanted out and agreed to the reduced monthly figure and said I would call again in December.

    Around December the 10th I called Worldpay and spoke with a lady whom kindly cancelled my agreement and confirmed there would be no further fees / charges and thanked me for my business.

    I have recently been charged for annual management fee and non compliance charge and enrolled on annual subscription fee. I contacted Worldpay in January to ask why have I been charged for a service I cancelled back in December. Worldpay said we are only going by instructions from Cardsave. I then contacted Cardsave who said they haven’t requested any money from me and that I wasn’t on their system. They assured me that I have been removed from the system and worldpay would need to do the same.

    I then contacted Worldpay for another time to find out why I’m being charged for a service that I’m not using. I was told I would be refunded the last amount charged for the account. This has been put back into my account and the direct debit cancelled.

    I have now received another letter asking for more money and an email from RSC_Debt Management Collections & Recoveries both stating different amounts.

    I have been stressed over this matter and spent too much time complaining over the phone, I would like someone to please put an end to this nightmare and return all of my money.

    I would like to know what you intend to do about this complaint.

  3. If there is less than 1 star, I would definitely choose ZERO star!!!!!.
    This is literally the worst company you can ever deal with!! They stole £5500 from our orders as a customer ordered something special make and then changed his mind after bringing it and then he made chargeback (of £1000) and simply worldpay froze £7700 of our sales!!
    Don’t deal with those guys, real scam and we have bee spending weeks trying to get our money back and giving them all evidence they asked for but simply they ignore us and dont ever get bothered to reply to emails. We are taking them to court

  4. Just got of the phone with Worldpay and they are telling me I have to pay $2000.00 early termination fee.? I don’t remember seeing that or hearing about it. I have been with them for 6 yrs and only canceling because the business is closed.

  5. Warning !! Please look for a different card processing merchant. I am a long time client, not by choice, though. They will tell you that your locked into a 3 year contract & to terminated prior to that contract I would be charged a $495.00 termination fee ( this is just after already drafting several hundred from my bank account for add on fees). They say that you signed the contract, that they could send me a copy if I like. So you wait till after your 3 year is up. Call back & they tell you that on your anniversary of your contract, that it automatically renews for a year term. To terminate prior your year term, you will again be penalized $495.00. The then also inform you that you only have 30 days to terminate on your anniversary, miss that & your screwed & locked in for another year. What bad practices to trap the client your supposed to be helping. Do yourself a favor & find a better company to work with, one that actually cares about the business that do.
    If you have had a bad experience with Worldly, please help warn other.

  6. absolute crooks. they’ve taken a payment for a 3rd party company. i’ve not received the goods, nor an order confirmation, or replies to my emails. the telephone numbers for the 3 rd party company are no longer in use…..i contacted worldpay, who dont give a toss because they have got my money and no where to send it onto. they just told me to contact the 3rd party, and wouldnt accept I’d tried and had no response……
    CROOKS. Be warned about buying anything from a 3rd party through them as a customer, or using them as a payment platform for your business.

  7. Worst Company to deal with if you have a complaint. A chargeback query in my case according to Worldpay they did not receive a refund for a customer even though i sent 2 lLetters both with proof of refund both signed for with proof of delivery and who signed for it at Worldpay.
    Always going to get back to me No one ever does ! Passing the buck from one department to another and full of promises they do not deliver.
    I think its called sour grapes because i did not renew my contract with them and joined there competitors who are better, Cheaper and much more efficient by far.

  8. All I want them to do is change our bank account number and it has taken three weeks, multiple phone calls, and HOURS on hold while they keep “losing” the request and asking me to resubmit it over and over again. When I can finally get someone to “find” it, they say they are processing it and ask me to call back in a few days to make sure it’s being processed. (Why do I have to call and ask them if they’re doing their job???) Then when I call back, they “can’t find it” and the whole cycle starts over again. They can always find our account to take their fees, but they can’t seem to find our requests for any actual customer service. Most frustrating customer service ever.

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