TSYS Merchant Solutions Review

TSYS Merchant Solutions Review



TSYS is also known as Total System Services, Inc. It is among few of the big companies that are in the business of credit card processing. They have a huge client base providing their services to thousands of merchants. They have number of offices across United States, an indication of their extended network in whole North America.

In this review, I will discuss about the TSYS direct sales channel also known as TSYS Merchant solutions. Any merchant who want to start a merchant account with TSYS must go to TSYS Merchant solutions in order to get their contract started.

TSYS also depends on referral partners to get business. There are many resellers like agents and ISOs are working for TSYS. The problem with these resellers is that they all represent TSYS but you may face with some really bad resellers out there. In my opinion, it is better to contact TSYS directly instead of going through a reseller.

TSYS can sign you a contract on their own as they have a great in-house sales team. I recommend merchants to contact middle man only in the case when they offer you something extra as compared to TSYS direct contract. Some resellers are good and know what they are doing, also known as Value-added reseller (VAR), few can even help merchants in training.

I give TSYS Merchant Solutions 4 out of 5.

Date Established:

TSYS Merchant Solutions has several locations, but they’re headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Domain Name(s):

  • www.tsysmerchantsolutions.com
  • www.fnms.com
  • www.firstnationalmerchants.com
  • www.termnetinc.com

Parent/Partner Company:
TSYS has many subsidiaries and partner companies that it works with. For the sake of this review, we’ll only talk about the ones that matter to you, and they are, First National Merchant Solutions (FNMS) and TermNet Merchant Services. TSYS acquired FNMS back in April of 2010, and TermNet in May of 2011.

Registered ISO/MSP, Direct Processor.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
First National Bank of Omaha, First National of Nebraska.

Payment Processor(s):
TSYS is the processor.

Payment Gateway(s):
Payfuse, Authorize.Net or Paypal Payflow.

Trust Symbols:
There a multiple listings for TSYS Merchant Solutions on the BBB, including a couple that are for the companies which TSYS has acquired. Here are the listings that I used for my research:

Negative Reviews:

As TSYS merged Termnet and First National Merchant Solutions into one company, I used the name of all three companies in order to find relevant info about TSYS services. It helped me find good number of reviews and information about TSYS.

As compared to the size and business of TSYS, the number of complaints was very minimal; in fact, the ratio is surprising for the company of this huge size.

Common Complaints:

When searching for complaints, I was able to find one common pattern that was about undisclosed contract term and cancelation fee. As the contract with TSYS bounds a Merchant for three years with the company, any before time cancelation will charge $250 as an early termination fee. TSYS also renews the contract for next three years automatically after first three years. As there are many different MSPs that do not lock their merchants in a contract and have no cancelation fee, a $250 cancelation fee with TSYS really irritates Merchants.

I hope the TSYS management will think about it and will soon remove this condition from their contract.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
There are plenty of testimonials and case studies on the TSYS Merchant Solutions website. Don’t forget to ask for references.


As they do not ask their Merchants to provide sensitive information online, there is no on-site security features available on their website. The initial contract form available on TSYS website only asks for some basic info. A separate and secure online app is used by TSYS to further collect the more sensitive information from their Merchants.

Customer Service:
I haven’t had the chance to experience their customer service just yet. If you have any experience please let us all know.

Contract Duration:
The TSYS Merchant Solutions contract runs for 3-years and automatically renews once the initial term is up. I’m personally not a fan of auto-renew contracts, which played a factor in the rating that I gave TSYS Merchant Solutions.

Cancellation Fee:

The reason why I rate them 4 out of 5 is because of their cancelation fees otherwise it is a 5 out of 5 company. They charge 250 dollars if any merchant cancel his contract before the end of three years contract.

I recommend merchants who are interested in TSYS to negotiate with the TSYS before finalizing their contracts to waive off termination fee. I checked with my sources that if negotiated well, the sales reps often wave cancelation fees of the merchants.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by TSYS Merchant Solutions.

Seasonal Downtime:
TSYS Merchant Solutions does offer seasonal downtime, but be sure to work out the terms with your sales rep.

Product Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), eCommerce (Online), Payment Gateway, Virtual Terminal, ACH (Automated Clearing House), EBT (Electronic Benefits Tranfer), Gift Reward & Loyalty Cards, PCCharge, Point-of-Sale (POS), Mobile Commerce.



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  1. I was a customer of Term-Net when they merged with TSYS. I was told ther would be no contract or terination fees when I purchesed the service from Term-Net. On Aug. 1, 2014 I canceled the service. I was told by the same sales rep that there would be a $250 cancellation fee because I didn’t give them a thirty-day notice. Futhermore, I was told that if I didn’t pay the $250, he would put me on the credi-card companies black list and I would not be able to get credit card service from anyone

  2. Do not use TSYS as your merchant account provider! I say it again. Stay away from TSYS. We had 8 consecutive months of mischarges on our statements and they still owe us refund money from 4 months that they will not pay. Every time I call and talk to a customer service rep I get a different story. Two have said I’ll process this right away and you will see the money in 3-4 days and it never shows up. The rest say I have to wait until the next billing statement but it hasn’t showed up in 4 months. When I closed my account the rep never told me what exactly that meant as far as batches and refunds. Stay away from TSYS! There are far better Merchant Account Providers out there that are professional and offer knowledge and helpful customer service.

  3. This review is actually about TSYS’ affiliate CERTEGY, who provides check processing for TSYS customers.
    Certegy does not stand behind their clients.
    We have used Certegy check approval services for over 10 years.
    After receiving VERBAL APPROVAL from a Certegy Rep., weeks later, certegy declined a transaction.
    Months after jumping through hoops, providing additional info, waiting, waiting, waiting…….
    Certegy still did not stand behind their verbal approval.
    TSYS is the company that processes our cc’s, they use and recommend Certegy.
    We contacted TSYS and they have been no help.
    CERTEGY- stand behind your employee’s and your approval!

  4. This is the WORST merchant processing company. Do NOT do business with them. They will robe you blind with unauthorized charges. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They still owe me money from charges they made to my account without my authorization. Every time I call is a different story. HORRIBLE!!!!!

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