Summit Merchant Solutions Review

Summit Merchant Solutions Review


Summit Merchant Solutions (SMS) is a merchant account provider  and according to their profile on BBB it was established in 2005 and is based in Carrolton, Texas. SMS in conjunction with its two sister companies namely TransTech Merchant Group and Certified Payment Processing operate under the ownership of same company, First American Payment Systems (FAPS).

Summit Merchant Solutions is charging its merchant clients who want an early termination with an unreasonably high amount in the name of cancellation fee.

To learn more about this fee go through the Cancellation Fee section below.

Even though, they have not been around for much time, you can find a decent number of complaints reported against them across the web. To see the similarities that I found among majority of these complaints, check out Common Complaints section below.

SMS doesn’t look like a good choice to work with, so I would certainly suggest you to look for a better processor.

I have rated Summit Merchant Solutions 2 out of 5.

Date Established:

Carrolton, Texas.

Domain Name(s):

Parent/Partner Company:
Certified Payment Processing is owned by First American Payment Systems, and is part of a three company conglomerate including TransTech Merchant Group and Summit Merchant Solutions.


Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
Fifth Third Bank.

Payment Processor(s):
First American Payment Systems.

Payment Gateway(s):
Authorize.Net or FirstPay.Net 2.0.


Trust Symbols:
Certified Payment Processing shares the same BBB profile with one of its sister companies TransTech Merchant Group. You can find the profile here. They have a “D” rating and 75 complaints as of this update.

Negative Reviews/Complaints:
You can find some complaints against Certified Payment Processing here and here.

You can also search for reviews and complaints related to CPP’s sister companiesTransTech Merchant Group and Summit Merchant Solutions.

Common Complaints:
Below I have discussed some of the problems that I found  similar among most of the complaints.

  • Expensive terminal lease contracts through Merimac CapitalMany of the merchants are complaining that they were not informed about 4-year contract of terminal lease. Leases are only appropriate for large organizations that have a requirement of lots of terminals but don’t have the upfront finances to make the purchase. Leases can definitely be lot beneficial for processors who push them and National Processing Company appears to be one of such processors. Fortunately, nowadays most of the processors have abandoned them since leases are quite unfair on the part of the merchant. Especially for small merchants who usually require only few terminals, it’s quite unreasonable to get stuck into the lease thing, when you can purchase them at much lower cost. Nowadays there are many providers in this industry who don’t involve you in any such contract. So you can surely consider such other merchant account providers in this case.
  • Large number of complaints from former sales reps: What’s disconcerting is the number of complaints that I found fro former sales agents. Looks like CCP is a “hiring mill” that mainly concentrates on recruiting independent or in-house sales agent who are paid on making a sale. This hiring practice always focuses to train agents on to sell expensive merchant accounts in exchange for high commissions. Such agents know little about the actual process and the merchants end up stuck in no-profit deals.
  • High cancellation fee:  If you terminate your contract earlier than its actual termination date then the least you have to pay is $495 or may be more. For more information about their cancellation terms you can look into Certified Payment Processing’s agreement. Here is what it says: “MERCHANT agrees to pay bank/processor early termination fees established by Bank, but in no event less than four hundred ninety five dollars ($495.00) for each MERCHANT location, plus any and all losses (including consequential damages and loss of profits, costs, expenses, and liabilities) incurred by Bank in connection with termination.”
  • PCI compliance fee:  Besides the fact that PCI compliance is an essential requirement for merchants who accept credit cards for their business, it does not mean that processors are being reasonable to charge for such compliance. Many of the clients are reporting that CCP charged them with $124.74 per year as fee for providing PCI compliance.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
No verifiable testimonials on the Certified Payment Processing website.

No on-site security features (i.e. McAfee, Security Metrics etc…).

Customer Service:
I haven’t dealt with CPP’s customer service, so it’s difficult for me to make an assessment here. If you’ve been a customer of Certified Payment Processing, please let us know.

Contract Duration:
3-years (auto-renewing).

Cancellation Fee:
Incase of an early termination they charge merchants with a Liquidated Damages sort of fee where you will be charged $495 or more for every single location together with the damages and loss of expenses profits, costs and accountabilities that result from that cancellation.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by CPP.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is also offered by CPP.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), Online/e-Commerce Payments, Secur-Chex, Gift & Loyalty, ATM, Cash Advance, Recurring Billing.

Product/Service Specialty:


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One Comment

  1. Doing any business with Summit Merchant is DANGEROUS and counter-productive to whatever business you are in. I am embarrassed to admit but I have found this out the hard way.

    I have a small Restaurant Business, and I recently signed with Summit 4-14-2014, with a 30 day no-fee cancellation trail. I should had cancelled immediately on day one – the 1st thing they did was they sent me a obsolete looking unit for processing that looked to be at least 10 years old. Looking back on it now, this was actually a ingenious scum-tactic that I fell for right away.

    After complaining was sent a blue colored modern unit called a PROXIMA 5 (I’ll explain the sucker lease I got hooked into afterwards). At first use, it worked fine for about 3-4 days. What I now suspect is as the paper roll inside the machine begin to reach about the half-point the unit begin to jam every other transaction. I then realized upon closer inspection this thing had a obvious but horrible design flaw looking right at me the whole time – the tear off part of the unit left a small part of the paper so low sunk into it after a transaction that it was sure to fail and jam on the next use. It was difficult, embarrassing, and confident losing with customers and my employees using the unit when were busy that their was real paranoid atmosphere (!) every time a Customer would pay with a credit card instead of cash that could not be helped.

    I should had cancelled that LEASE (here it comes) with that machine and killed the entire deal right away. They(Summit) promised me the planet and were extremely nice and helpful trying to resolve this problem. I fell for it, and allowed my cancellation time (7 days) on the equipment lease to go by. The second machine they sent me did the exact same thing.

    After a breakdown of a failed promise to pay back 100% my cancellation fee with my previous Merchant Service I then immediately terminated the Contract within the 30 days with Summit, BUT I am stuck with a 60 Month Lease with a pure piece of useless scam junk to protect my credit. I will pursue all Legal possibilities from this point on.

    My hostility towards all Merchant Services is now complete. Do not do business with Summit Merchant if you want to stay in business, as they are a parasitic counter force against just that.

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