Sam’s Club Merchant Services Review

Sam’s Club Merchant Services Review


Sam’s Club provides account servicing to its merchants and embers just like Costco. Its services involve reselling other credit card’s processing services. The client for Sam’s Club in this scenario is First Data.

The workings of First Data and Sam’s Club are pretty much interlinked. If you are opening a merchant account with Sam’s Club that means you will be doing business with First data as well. Simply put, Sam’s Club is responsible for selling what First Data has to offer; it is called being a reseller.

To a layperson, it would seem as if you will be able to save some money by opening a merchant account with Sam’s Club, however, if you dig deeper you will see that it is not that big an advantage as it appears to be.

Through a little healthy research, it has been unearthed that all the claims that Sam’s Club and Costco make about ‘saving money through discount’ if you initiate a merchant account with them is more of an illusion than reality. The articles written about the services of Sam’s Club indicate how they are not offering reasonably low rates on the opening of the merchant’s account as they are doing on normal goods.

Considering all that, it is a sensible and feasible move to opt for a company which will allow negotiations on interchange plus rate and the termination fees for instance CDG commerce or Flagship Merchant Services. Basically, Sam’s Club is acting as an extra step between the processor and the merchant; a step that is not required and is quite unnecessary as it only adds up to the confusion.

The idea of RESELLING services of a credit card processor is not really great. If one is familiar with the rates in the market and how to handle them and what to ask for then you certainly don’t need the services of a company like Sam’s Club. It would be an intelligent move to go directly to the processor itself to save you some money. This way the chances of landing yourself a good contract is higher than what Sam’s Club has on the table.

Sam’s club expertise exists within the wholesale of everyday goods. That is what one should approach Sam’s Club for.


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  1. I watched Sam’s Club merchant processing go from a preferable alternative to the company I was previously with to an outright nightmare as far as fees and customer service is concerned. If I wasn’t under contract for another year I would give them the heave-ho immediately. Not only am I charged with an outrageous compliance fee every year but the interchange fees often double the amount I have to pay to accept my clients’ credit cards. Additionally, Sam’s Club merchant processing has passed along the Visa network fees (which are already unfairly structured and applied) directly to the merchants. Tack on other nickel and dime fees and it all adds up to Sam’s Club merchant processing being a company I no longer want to have a business relationship with. The complementary membership to Sam’s Club is not a good enough perk to persuade me to stay with them. The automated phone help line requires a myriad of buttons to be pressed prior to reaching a real person who is usually less than helpful.

  2. I will post this everywhere I can to help get the word out and ward others!! My new small business did not and does not deserve this!!!
    I can’t even explain (because I would be typing too much explaining the many instances since I started with them a year ago) how much they have robbed me and how many times and I’m STILL dealing with it. I wish I wouldn’t have gone with them, the sales man lied to me too, BIG TIME and I’m still paying for it to this day. Canceling with them is a joke. I’m still being charged, they will tell you on the phone that a credit is on it’s way when in fact you will just be billed again the next month! On top of paying the stupid PCI charge on each account even though you are compliant AND CANCELLED!! It’s insane. Save yourself lots of money and energy and just pay for the sams membership out of pocket!! IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Live and learn big time for me!

  3. This company should be investigated for extremely shady business practices. In the process of filing complaints with NYS Attorney General Office. Outright STOLE money from my account.


  4. I used Costco processing for a while and it wasn’t too bad but I decided to try Sam’s Club…………….. Big MISTAKE!

    I wish I would have seen some of the reviews before I tried it.
    SNEEKY pricing and billing and many hidden charges.
    DON’T USE SAM’S CLUB PROCESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For smaller businesses such as mine you need to shop around and don’t fall for the hype. Check things carefully

  5. Flat out FRAUD! Sam’s Club offers a “One Rate” plan to sucker you in and they get you used to paying the flat rate monthly fee. Just when you think all is well, they move you into an interchange plus fee schedule without telling you which will increase your costs dramatically. They increased my rates by 6X without even a phone call to notify me of any changes. I had no idea until I received my monthly statement with a ridiculously inflated fee schedule compared to previous months. When I called the agent in charge of my account to get things straightened out, she informs me that they were losing money with the plan that I was on and that they had to put me on a more expensive plan to make up what they had lost. When I asked for an explanation about how she could unilaterally change my plan with out notifying me, she said she’d email me the new plan and then hung up on me. I will never use Sam’s Club again, and will do everything in my power to inform anyone who might be thinking about using them about their bait & switch tactics. Do yourself a favor and take a pass on Sam’s Club processing…

  6. Tricky sales person, horrible inoperable equipment after 3 months!! Sales person actually LIED and said there is no cancellation fee. I closed my business (NOT change companies) and they sent me a $400 bill, I am still fighting!

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