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PaySimple Review



PaySimple is a merchant provider that has really impressed me with their acknowledgement of the importance of merchant’s education. I have come across so many ISO/MSPs of this industry in so many years of my reviews but sadly, I have not seen anyone with so much concern in this regard.

PaySimple does realize the fact that providing an educational platform for training merchants about the practicalities of the industry can certainly make things faster and easier and it is beneficial not only for the customers but for the company as well.

You can easily approach them via their Youtube and Twitter accounts. Moreover, you can find tons of educational information on their blog and Business Growth Center.  Great job!

They offer interchange-plus pricing (aka true pricing) and that’s always a plus.  In addition to this they provide seasonal downtime which is obviously great for seasonal business.

They have a fine testimonial section, and I also found that they have great online security features to keep your information secured.

Their working way has earned them an excellent reputation across the web and I could find only handful of complaints against PaySimple.

I score them 4.5 out of 5 for above reasons.


Date Established:

Denver, Colorado.

Domain Name(s):


Parent/Partner Company:
PaySimple has partnered with a few other industry related businesses to help expand their own product offering (i.e. IP Commerce). They don’t, however, have any sister or parent companies that I know of.

Registered ISO/MSP.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
First National Bank.

Payment Processor(s):

Payment Gateway(s):
Self-branded (PaySimple) payment gateway.


Trust Symbols:
You can find the PaySimple BBB profile here. It currently has an “A” rating as of this review, with only 3 complaints in the last 36 months.

Negative Reviews:
There is only one ROR complaint that I was able to find. No other complaints as of now. Check back for updates.

Common Complaints:
None found.

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
Their testimonial section on the site has enlisted lots of references that you can contact with. I contacted many of them but so far none of them have responded. So I’m still waiting.

The website is secured by McAfeeCoalfire PCI DSS and Digicert.

Customer Service:
Haven’t had a chance to deal with them personally, besides a couple back and forth emails. If you’ve worked with them, don’t forget to give us an update below.

Contract Duration:
3-year contract term.

Cancellation Fee:
$250 early cancellation fee.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
They do offer interchange-plus pricing, a standard of these days. But this service is mostly provided to the clients processing volumes around $50K-$100K per month.

Seasonal Downtime:

PaySimple offers seasonal downtime which is definitely great for seasonal operators but the cost can be different according to the need. So those who run a seasonal business can surely be benefited from this option.

Product/Service Offering:
Credit/Debit, e-Check Processing, Recurring Billing, ACH Processing, Email Invoicing, e-Commerce, Virtual Terminal.

Product/Service Specialty:
PaySimple has specialized in recurring payment system. In accordance with their claim the company provides services of recurring payments to managers and property owners so as to receive monthly rental income without any difficulty.

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  1. Paysimple advertises in many sites that they are huge on Merchant Education. This is not even close to being true regarding my experience in a short 30 days with this company, as their merchant education is non-existent. We signed up with a month ago, and the setup and getting started was a nightmare because there is absolutely NO communication from the beginning that left us clueless as to what is being setup for our company. They do not reveal full disclosure of all rates and fees, who you are processing with, what are the charges, when charges are coming out of your account, who is taking money from your account, and so on. You sign up on their website and they send you an email that you are approved, give you login info to their online payment software, and tell you that you can start accepting credit cards. But they tell you nothing else. We had to call several times to get more information about what is going on. You don’t even sign anything, and they never provide you a full merchant application agreement you can sign and agree to. The only thing they provided us was a blank 1 page PDF doc with a list of about 10 fees, and it is not complete, no company names on it, does not tell us who we are processing with, and does not disclose full rates and fees, and terms and conditions. We then start seeing money debited from our account and we have to initiate a call to ask questions. They will then tell you that you are processing with North American Bankcard as the ISO processing your credit card transactions. We then see withdrawals from our account from global, and we were ready to call our bank to initiate reversals of these charges. We call paysimple and they tell us that global is the processor that NAB uses. So global is the company that is really doing the processing for us, not PaySimple or NAB who are just the middlemen. And we were going to reverse the charges from global because no one ever told us about NAB or Global. We never received a full merchant agreement and contract with full disclosure of the terms and processing rates and fees. NAB then decided to put a hold on $400 of transactions from our company to do a review. We provided signed payment authorization forms from our customers for all of these transactions. It took them 12 days to do their review and release our funds. 3 days later they tell us NAB is closing our merchant account with no explanation. What a waste of time. Why would they approve your account in the first place and let you process credit cards, only to close your account 30 days later after they finally decide to review your account and decide not to allow you to process with them. We spent hours learning their software and setting up recurring billing accounts, only to have the online account locked. They should have declined us from the beginning and just tell you upfront your application is declined. This was a huge nightmare, absolutely no communication, and Paysimple seems to be setup to provide excellent customer service with very friendly customer service, big on merchant education, and so on. But the way they do business, set you up, leave you in the dark of who you are really doing business with, no disclosure of fees, and no explanation of who is taking money from your account, is unacceptable and scares me as a business owner that I was going to close my account with them anyways because I would never be able to trust a company that does business this way, especially when I have to rely on them to process our transactions and whether they would deposit your money or not to your bank account. I would not recommend doing business with PaySimple until they change their policies and practices. This represents a total failure to do good and honest business with merchants. They will probably come back and respond and say something like we are high risk with bad credit or something, but this does not excuse them for everything I described above. And if they have their reasons to not allow us to keep a merchant account, then just decline our application from the beginning and not waste our time, and not let us process with them for 30 days and then close our account. Don’t waste people’s time and money.


    This company lies to it’s customers and promises services that they don’t offer. I tried to cancel our account within the 30 day trial period and they not only didn’t issue me return on my payment but charged me for a SECOND month! I’ve been fighting with them to return our money and they simply are so inept at their own billing that they can’t get our return processed. Horrible company, Horrible customer service. Stay away from pay simple!

    • I think we responded your review on another website, but just in case we are sorry to hear you didn’t have a positive experience with PaySimple and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. While we don’t currently offer a free trial, we want to work with you to resolve the issue you are having. Based on your comments, we believe you are already working with our team but, if not, we’d like to start the conversation. Please give our Customer Experience team a call at 800.466.0992 so that we can talk about your account specifics.

  3. PaySimple is a great company if you don’t care about things like customer service, getting something at least somewhat close to what you pay for, not being robbed, and not having any option to get refunded after they screw you over.

    You will pay FAR more than what they tell you you will pay. Their processors charge extra fees on top of what PaySimple debits from your account.

    Their customer services is non-existent. I mean, I have literally never experienced anything like it. You cannot get in touch with anyone, they will not write you back, and if you do get so lucky as to talk with one of them, good luck. They will not help you and they will not care that they ripped you off. Want your money back? Tough, come and get it they say.

    The service itself does not work, which is by far the biggest issue with the company. They will hold your funds indefinitely. I (like so many other companies if you will read other reviews) was told I could either wait 180 days to get my money or refund it to the customer. WHAT. There are far better options available to you at FAR more reasonable prices. They may seem like a sleek company because of their website (I’ll give that to them, they have a clean website), but do NOT be deceived. They are VERY old-school and behind the times. Please, from one business owner to the next, I want to see you succeed, so please, please never consider PaySimple.

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t have a positive experience with PaySimple and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. We are happy to talk through the details of your billing or reasons why accounts may have a hold, however, we can’t release specifics here. Please give our Customer Experience team a call at 800.466.0992 so that we can talk about your account.

  4. I have had a similar problem with PaySimple. They really are a sneaky company and so far I have not gotten anywhere with their customer service. I have been dealing with a Jeff Olson who seems to be a real dick! The more I read about this company the more I want a class action lawsuit. Please visit my website and re-post your complaints there.

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