E-OnlineData Review

E-OnlineData Review


e-onlineData is based out of Portland, Maine and its parent company is PowerPay, LLC. Besides handling retail accounts they also cater to e-Commerce merchant. Here is a brief overview of the company while other good things about e-OnlineData can be seen in the following subsections.

They not only have an active Facebook page and twitter account but also a blog, so you can easily access them via any of these communication channels. The reason for which I am a huge fan of online social media networks is that they provide a set of connections between merchant account providers and us, the merchants which can be really very useful when the necessity for that type of communication arises. Besides, all other things about them also appear to be fine.

They don’t make you sign any contract, no cancellation charges and plus they offer interchange-plus pricing. Great News! Considering this, e-commerce merchants who operate a seasonal business can easily cancel their accounts during their downtime and then start back up when they start processing again and due to zero early termination fee they will not find it much expensive!

I rate them 4.5 out of 5 because of their very low no. of complaints and zero termination charges.

Date Established:

Portland, Maine.

Domain Name(s):

  • www.e-onlinedata.com.
  • www.powerpay.biz.
  • www.paymentwerx.com.
  • www.resellmerchantprocessing.com

Parent/Partner Company:
PowerPay, LLC is the parent company of e-OnlineData.

The e-OnlineData website states that they are a registered ISO/MSP, but I couldn’t find them on the Visa ISO/MSP list. I was able to find their parent company (PowerPay) though.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
HSBC Bank.

Payment Processor(s):
Global Payments. In the past, EOD partnered with Online Data Corporation (iPayment) as their processor, but as of late, Global Payments takes care of that service.

Payment Gateway(s):

Trust Symbols:
E-OnlineData doesn’t have their own BBB profile, but instead are under the PowerPay profile, so some of the complaints on that profile might be for PowerPay instead of EDO, since EOD was acquired by PowerPay just recently (2007). You can find the profile here. It has an “A-” rating as of this review, with 36 complaints in the last 36 months.

Negative Reviews:
All I could find was just some online complaints and of these complaints, two are threads on the WebHosting TALK website, which you can find here and here. These two complaints have mixed reviews, both negative and positive, and are not much bad. The last complaint can be seen here.

You can certainly look for complaints by yourself through Google search but otherwise their reputation seems pretty fine.

Common Complaints:

As far as complaints are concerned only some people have complained about their bad customer service otherwise, there wasn’t much similarity among above mentioned negative reviews. This customer service problem can be easily resolved if you get to the right person in the firm because to tell you the truth, in case of bigger providers you can always come across such issues so it’s better to find somebody who can get your work done and, you can easily find contact info for such person if you go through WebHosting TALK threads.

erifiable Testimonials/References:
You can find over a dozen testimonials on the E-OnlineData site.

Their online application is secured via DigiCert.

Customer Service:
I haven’t worked directly with e-OnlineData, so this is where your personal experiences would be helpful.

Contract Duration:

Cancellation Fee:
No cancellation fee. Be sure to read your contract though.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by E-OnlineData.

Seasonal Downtime:
E-OnlineData doesn’t offer any seasonal downtime service for its merchants.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), e-Commerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Wireless, Check Processing, Gift Cards.

Product/Service Specialty:
E-OnlineData works mainly with e-Commerce merchants and online auction sellers (eBay and Overstock).

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