Central Payment (CPAY) Review

Central Payment (CPAY) Review



Located out of San Rafael, California; Central Payment (CPAY) has customer base of around 40,000 merchants and an annual credit card volume processing of approximately $3 billion.

This is just a quick review about CPAY.

They have 40,000 merchants and at current updated state, they have a high BBB complaint ratio of 124 complaints. Their complaint-merchant ratio is higher when it is compared to other large companies like Chase Paymentech, although it is said that the large processors have higher complaints when compared to small processors but some other large companies are doing very well when it comes to reported complaints.

The base line analysis is just for some consideration.

CPAY does not have an excellent contract terms or cancellation fee as mentioned below, but it is said they are willing to adjust. If any of you are interested in a company who does not have any cancellation fee then I suggest you to sign contract with Flagship Merchant Services.

As for the interaction with the merchants goes, their Facebook page and Twitter state that they do contact interested individuals in public meetings. Their website has some interesting testimonials that I do like. CPAY’S seasonal downtime and interchange-plus pricing offers have slightly helped bring up their mark.

Even though CPAY is a good processor, my suggestion to you would be to compare different MSPs to weigh and analyze other options. Furthermore, just in case if your are satisfied with your processor and would just like to lower your rates then I can help you with that as well. CPAY gets a rating of 4 out of 5.

Date Established:

San Rafael, California.

Domain Name(s):

  • www.cpay.com.

Parent/Partner Company:
Central Payment operates alone, but previously had some backing from iPayment.

Registered ISO/MSP.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
Wells Fargo and First National Bank of Omaha.

Payment Processor(s):

Payment Gateway(s):
PayJunction (Trinity) and Authorize.Net.

Trust Symbols:
The CPAY BBB profile is sporting an “A” rating with about 140 complaints as of this update.

Negative Reviews:

Despite of their 10 complaints on RipOffReport, none of their past merchants have stated any anti-review about CPAY. Although my interest is not with the company’s internal affairs, 80% of their past employees are unsatisfied with CPAY for various reasons. Their acknowledgement and respond to complaints registered against them is impressive. CPAY have taken time to reply to the negative reviews on Rip of Report that were made mostly by the ex-employees. The impressive part was that the owner usually was the one to respond to these negative reviews.

Common Complaints

Most of CPAY’s BBB complaints are in the billing, collection and contract terms. You will have to take some time and make a little effort if you want avoid any disappointment. it would be better if you try to analyze your contract before and regularly as well.


CPAY did not have a testimonial section when my initial review was written, but since then they have a number of written and video testimonials uploaded on their website which is great! Since they are exposed with full individual and company name, it would be better if you can contact with those merchants and get your own reference and feedback. Also do remember to ask them for references for your own satisfaction.

No on-site security features (i.e. McAfee, Security Metrics etc…).

Customer Service

As far as my experience with their customer service representative goes, it was highly proficient and supportive. The agent was being more of a consultant rather the high-pressure salesman and all my questions were answered truthfully and professionally. Just the kind of the service you would want.

Contract Duration:
The Central Payment contract length is 3-years.

Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee is based on an adjusted scale. If cancelled in first year, the fee is $500 and lowered to $100 per year after that. Since CPAY is negotiable , you can put try to up a bargaining.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by Central Payment.

Seasonal Downtime:
They do offer seasonal downtime, but be sure to specify up-front which months you need to deactivate the account for.

Product/Service Offering:
Credit/Debit, Check Guaranty, Check Conversion, e-Commerce/Internet, Wireless, Gift Cards, ATM, POS, PCI Compliance.

Product/Service Specialty:
None in particular.


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  1. Best of the best . . . I have owned a couple of different businesses for many years, I have NO CLUE why anyone would complain about CPay, they are one of the very best. Helpful all the way. Only idiots that have no clue or expect something for nothing will complain about them. Most complaints I have read or heard of are actually the idiot business owners that want to blame others for their own stupidity.

    • Mark,

      We are glad to hear about the great service we have provided and want you to know we value your business.

      Thank You
      Kim S.

    • without due process and notification our company was put in a high risk category which meant our funds that we expected to hit our bank in two days was confiscated to be held in escrow incase we went bankrupt!!! Crazy, unbelievable and unacceptable. Can you imagine over $100k not showing up in your bank account? No registered letter of intent, just bamm, sorry about your luck, we need to hold your funds in escrow for up to six months. Tell that to your next draw. Tell that to your employees just before Christmas. We changed carriers as fast as we could, at a better rate!! But since November 1, 2018, our funds haven’t been released.

  2. Fortunately I did not sign with them, but almost. Their sales rep Dwaine Henson of Spenser, Iowa cold call style walked into my store, and I have not updated for 8 years and it is time, so I listened. He did not. A few emails later he still did not. Finally during a cold call he made on the telephone, I got through “Do not want your service with all these charges on the application you didn’t mention”.

    He said he could waive those. I said I prefer people who are honest up front. He then sent me an email denigrating me, my art, and my website. I can be a butt too, I replied his wife would probably appreciate him getting a real job. Because when you have to lie and con, and then be rude when the customer says “no”, that is a sorry job and only a sorry company would let him / cause him to act that way. And yes I know I don’t take the time to make the prettiest website in the world. I prefer to make pretty jewelry. – Rebecca Armand De Carlo

    • Rebecca,

      I apologize for the experience you had with the agent.In the future, keep in mind you can work with us directly and our Customer Service department is available 24/7.

      Thank You

      Kim S.

  3. Sigh, I don’t know where to begin. If I took a crap, eat it up and then puke out the crap I ate and then blend it with dirt, feed it to some moron for dinner and then he take a crap… that crap would be CPAY.

    That is exactly how I can describe the bottom feeding trash of the level of service, the software, the hardware and the customer service that CENTRAL PAYMENT provide.

  4. Total rip off, the system they use sucks, it is not made for companies with more than 1 employee, no central place to view all employees and transactions. terrible service. Then when you want to cancel they keep giving you the runaround for months, when you call the customer service is not helpful, and you get charged more and more every single month!!!!!!!!

    • Wendy,

      I apologize for the experience you had with Central Payment. In the future, keep in mind we have many options when it comes to equipment. Reviewing transactions can also be done on our website http://www.mystorecentral.com. If you have any questions, please give me a call at 1(800)449-8012 x7318.

      Thank You

      Kim S.

  5. Central Payments is very expensive for small business. We thought we were getting a reasonable deal until we found out that they were marking up the interchange rate before charging their fees. The only time Central Payments cared was when we cancelled.

    We’ve recently changed to Shopkeep and are paying half of what we were before and Shopkeep has much better customer service.

  6. They provided a great cost savings for my business. I’ve only had to call technical services once but they were available and very helpful right away when I called. There was no contract for my services so not sure why anyone would complain about that. I was referred to them by a friend who’s had a great experience with them at his business.

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